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Elerin Mumm

Elerin is our freight operations manager.

She can be contacted by mobile +372 52 909 61, phone +372 60 22 432, via e-mail or Skype (username: Elerin ETS Logistika).

Elerin is our cheerful and determined freight operator whose aim is to make sure that everything works out as agreed upon. She is a great communicator who very much enjoys talking to people. She has contributed her heart and soul to different bars and lounges for almost ten years now – organised events, served the best cocktails and made countless jokes. Elerin likes seeing people smile and is willing to take the extra step to get a smile out of our clients. In 2021 Elerin succesfully passed air transport training course at Be Smart training centre located in Riga, Latvia.

Elerin spends her spare time either at home or at the nature between the fields and forests with her loved ones. She likes to relieve her stress by being physically active. Elerin also has an experience working at a casino where being confidential about the details is expected. Therefore she is very private about both her own life and also regarding our clients.

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