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Land transportation

Land transportation is fast, flexible, mobile and effective.

For land transportation the goods are usually packed on pallets:

  • EUR pallet 120 x 80 cm
  • FIN pallet 120 x 100 cm

Cargo transport is regulated with international requirements, which define the maximum weight and size of the trucks and trailers used.

Most common units used for goods in land transportation are:

  • Weight up to 24 tons
  • Volume between 85 to 112 m3
  • Loading surface up to 13,6ldm (loading meters)
  • Capacity up to 34 EUR pallets
  • Capacity up to 26 FIN pallets

With land transportation there are two options to transport the goods: full truck load (FTL) or less truck load (LTL).

All the goods must be accompanied by consignment documents which in land transportation include:

  • Invoice and/or packaging list given by the consigner
  • CMR – international consignment document, which will be filled out by the carrier during loading of the goods. First copy out of it will be given to the consigner, second copy to the consignee and third copy will be kept as a proof the freight for the carrier.

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