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Stella Burtseva

Stella is our senior freight forwarder who is leading our team of freight forwarders.

She can be contacted by mobile +372 55 487 54, phone +372 602 2432, via e-mail or Skype (username: Stelllaaa4).

Stella has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in logistics major having specialized on land and marine transportation. She also has a master’s degree from Tallinn University in organizational behavior. Her practical skills in logistics come from both working at Selver AS and being an intern at ETS Logistics. Among other things Stella is responsible for the improvement of standardized work in our organization.

Training courses:

  • 2019 – Air Traffic Management Course at Riga Training Company Be Smart.
  • 2019 – Court Decisions Relating to Transport (Most of 2017-2018 Higher Judgments) (CMR Consultant, Renee Mahl)
  • 2015 – Topical Issues in Transport Law (CMR Consultant, Renee Mahl)

In her spare time, Stella likes to do sports, preferably to play disc-golf or ride a bike. She also enjoys cooking and loves to spend time with her family and friends.

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