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Our story, vision and mission

To us our vision, mission and unique value proposition mean a lot. These are not just jejune cliché sentences generated for the action of it but something that we as a team have put in written and truly believe in.

Our vision is to inspire.

Our mission is to offer flexible and personal transportation service that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Our unique value proposition:

  • Quick customer service – our freight forwarder will answer your inquiry within minutes from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Personal and friendly customer service – our client does not have to communicate to an answering machine or an anonyms program. A personal freight forwarder will always talk with our customer.
  • Simplicity – we will talk to our client in human language. We do not ask our clients to do our job for us and fill out complicated forms at self-service environments. We value our customer’s time so that the customer can focus on his/her main job.
  • Consulting prior to an actual order – we do not expect the customer to have a degree in logistics or a years long experience in the field or think that the customer is acquainted with all the logistics’ terms and regulations. Our service includes a consultation in the following subjects:
    • Shipment clauses or incoterms (which out of many is the most reasonable for the particular customer)
    • Execution of on and unloading and placing the goods into the mean of transportation (how to save as much money and time as possible)
    • Customs related consulting
    • Freight insurance (minimizing the risks in case of transporting high value goods)
    • International buying ang selling process (accounting, checking the background of the trade associate)
  • Being informed – we will keep a close eye on each freight. We will not keep our customer in the dark and will inform him/her trough out the entire freight. In addition to the customer, we will also communicate with the contact people of on and unloading places. This will minimize all the possible delays that might occur during on and unloading and therefore delay the entire freight
  • Flexibility – we will react immediately when something goes wrong. We will not delay unreasonably
  • We do not do everything and anything – we have clearly defined which directions we are good at and which we are not
  • Our customer servants are universal – the customer will always communicate to the same freight forwarder who operates all the types of transportation services offered by ETS Logistics LLC. Our freight forwarder will advise the customer on choosing the most reasonable mean of transportation (land, sea, air or rail transportation) for the specific freight
  • Our goal is not the inquiry itself but a satisfied customer – we do not think that behind each inquiry there are actual goods ready to be shipped off immediately and therefore will answer only to those inquiries that do. We understand that in order to compile a business plan, do a profitability analysis and in the phase of quotations, our customers need initial indications of freight rates and we are happy to help.


ETS Logistics began from a coincidence. The founder of the company Aleksander Bankiir admitted to Tallinn University of Technology to the logistics’ major back in 2005 simply because his older brother Marek Bankiir, who worked in military logistics at the time, suggested it. Both brothers are bound with logistics to this day. Aleksander Bankiir is steering ETS Logistics and Marek Bankiir is leading Leanway LLC, a company that helps others achieve process perfection (Lean concept). The brothers work closely together to this day and keep inspiring each other.

Prior to founding ETS Logistics came Aleksander’s time at university, service at the guard platoon in the logistics’ battalion, working at the most successful Estonian logistics’ companies such as ACE Logistics and SCS Logistics and at a marine transportation company in Australia called Queensland Port Marine Services.

ETS Logistics began its economic affairs back in the summer of 2010. What was the motive for founding ETS Logistics? Incredibly arrogant and slow customer service and insufficient organization culture in the logistics field in general. Aleksander believed back then and is convinced to this day that excellent (not satisfying) customer service and an innovative organization culture are the fundamentals that allow for ETS Logistics to differentiate from others. Customer feedback to our service is public, we are transparent. We are most happy to be praised by our customers but will also take it very seriously when for some reason we are to blame.

Within almost ten years we have developed four independent types of transportation: land, sea, air and rail transportation (particularly from China). By now we have clearly defined at which directions we are good at and which we are not. We do not offer transportation for everything and to everywhere.

ETS Logistics has been licensed by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to perform as a customs’ agency. We are also an insurance agent of AB Lietuvos Draudimas Estonian branch. We are happy to be part of the list of companies that have joined the Diversity Agreement.

That is the beginning of our story. We exert ourselves every day to offer the flexible and personal transportation service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We exert ourselves every day so that each and every employee of ours enjoys being part of our team. If our story caught your interest then follow us on Instagram.

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